Hustling for Yoga

I finished the yoga challenge!!!

30 classes in 40 days! That’s 30 more classes than normal. It was hard. Hard on my body, my time, my ability to commit and my preference to be lazy. Excessive amounts of yoga.

I’ve been onto that secret for awhile, you know, that yoga is good. Social work is all about the mind body connection, that we can release the effects of life, the effects on our mind and emotions out through our body. Otherwise it stays trapped inside.

Yoga started to feel like an addiction. When I felt triggered by an unwanted emotion one night, instead of driving my car home I drove my car to yoga. And took 2 classes.

I took a David Bowie themed class. I learned about chakras. I laughed at silly jokes. I cried a few times. I drank mint tea and wrote a gratitude statement. I sweated more than ever before and made googly eyes at my friends. I took classes at 6:30am. I took class from a guy who had the voice of Harry Connick Jr. Most days I felt better when I left. Some days I couldn’t wait to go home.

I feel different. My body feels stronger (I could probably do, like 3 push-ups). I’m more flexible. My body feels looser, not stiff. My pants aren’t as tight. I did my best crow pose ever. I notice my breathing throughout the day. I strive to feel calm, to lower anxiety. To be comfortable in the present moment.

I’m fairly low maintenance yoga. I wear T-shirts, not fancy yoga tanks. My mat cost few dollars and gets frozen when I leave it in the car. I don’t know what what all the poses are called and I don’t understand what the 3rd eye is all about.

But I know I want to feel calm, and yoga has helped. I need to keep driving my car to yoga, even though the challenge is over.

“Breathe through it instead of reacting.”